Long term rentals Bali

Seems to be plenty of knowledgable posters on here so maybe I can get some opinions.

I am Considering spending an extended period of time in Bali, or more to the point renting a place out for an extended period of time with many visits throughout the year so for now tourist visas will suffice. I read you can get the 30 day tourist visa which can be renewed for another 30 days. Is 60 days the max on a tourist visa?

There is a website called Bali budget housing.
How do the prices on this website compare to the prices of being on the ground and looking for a place and is this the best website to be looking on?

With all prices, I expect they will be open to negotiation and if I am willing to sign up to a 1 year deal in a place what sort of discount can be expected. I know this will depend on a case by case basis but have other people gotten deep discounts.
For example a place asking for 80M per annum. Would it be possible to get that down to 60-70 or is that asking a lot?

How is the housing market in general in Bali is it booming or in a downturn? What are the peaks season, meaning when am I most likely to get bargains?

Although I like a pint as much as the next bloke I'm not sure if I would like to be in Kuta if it is hectic all the time. I'm guessing Seminyak is similar but just a little less yobos than in Kuta, maybe I'm wrong and Seminyak is great? There is

Nusa Dua
And others.......

How to decide where to rent a place.

My priorities would be to have cheap/reasonable but comfortable accomodation.
I'm neutral in regards to beaches.
I like to keep fit.
I like good internet.
I like to be reasonably close to some bars.
Maybe join a soccer/cycling/badminton club
To meet some locals and expats.
Learn Indonesian.

Does anybody have some suggestions?

Yup, Sanur or maybe Ubud.

You're right, Seminyak and even Kerobokan are just too noisy and busy. I drove along Jalan Danau Tamblingan in Sanur a couple of weeks ago and was surprised at how pleasant and relaxed it is without being too quiet. In fact it is much nicer than when I used to live there back in the late 90's. If I ever wanted to live in Bali again I'd probably settle for Sanur, as it does also have nice beach walks and the location is very central.

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