Looking for cheap rent house in Bali

Hi guys,

First time i use an expat forum and hope it will help lol.

I am living for 5 years now in Indonesia 3 in Bali and 2 years in Surabaya, Married to Javanese woman with one daughter.

Now back in Bali from SBY, living in a kos with my wife and my daughter and looking urgently for a cheap house to rent around (Denpasar, kerebokan,Sanur) or other area who are not too far from Denpasar and Kerebokan.

Price (Harga) 13jt/th - 20jt/th (can 25jt/th if not 2 years deposit first)

my budget is not big thats why i am not looking for a villa, and a Kos is not good atmosphere for raise my young daughter im sure u agree with that, and i like to live with the locals people. Is been now more than 2 month we looking for it without success must of the house we visite are already rent few hours and day after the agent put the request in the Net. and some double the price when they see that my wife is married to a Bule.

Do one of u guys know a good agent or agency or even people here ?

we really appreciate the help.

Don't use an agency.
Wander around on a motorbike and find the place you want, then get your wife to call and check the price before you show your face.
Too late for them to change it then.

Is what we do :)

but they always change price and tell my wife some bullshit. i start to know very well Denpasar by going around in Bike.

Things are a bit different here in Bali than in Jakarta Fred.  Most places that are available for rent or for sale don’t have signs out in front indicating their availability which is why using a real estate agent is not a bad approach here in Bali.  This is particularly true if the house to be rented is owned by a part time expat or foreign investor as most of them will place their property with an agent. 

Jay, you should also grab a copy of The Bali Advertiser as a lot of folks, both local and foreign will list their properties there in the classified real estate section.  You can find a free copy of the BA most anywhere…a circle K, restaurants, bars, even some stores will have it.  It’s a tabloid format newspaper that’s published twice a month and it’s been around many years.

The Bali Post, published daily, is also another good source for finding rentals.

OK thanks Ubudian for the info.

I agree with Ubudian, u should spent your time/energy much more to find by yourself for reduce pricing. try to find it to the BaliPost newspaper advertising section. try to find in " Disewakan Rumah". and just try to call them and don't be hesitate to asking ; is this house is yours? than you take your own consideration is the information they given are trusted or not.

It would be great if you may find the direct owner of the rent house. as I know, North canggu ( northern of Jl.Raya Canggu-Tanah Lot ) to suburb Dalung is reasonable for your budget as well.

Hi my friend,

I think you are out of touch, Bali is a word wide destination  for tourists Holiday and longer term stays, I would suggest local Brokers or agencies would only make your task more difficult based on your budget However I respect your wishes to provide a improved housing for your Wife & Daughter Good Luck
Aussie hj

Have you check on I check today there's 2 bedroom house cost 25jt/year.

Good luck !

Slightly off topic but....

House prices in Jakarta are going stupidly high and this is forcing rents up.
Is the same happening in Bali?

“Is the same happening in Bali?”

You bet it is Fred.  As I’m not on top of the Jakarta real estate market I can’t say it’s just as heated up here in Bali as there, but I suspect the Bali real estate market is even more heated up than in Jakarta.

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I use to look for a house for a very long time.
The best rate dealing with your budget and your area might be
Batu Bulan.

I remember finding a house (5bedrooms+ 5 bathrooms + swimming pool)
for 80 millions a year in this area, it was 2 months ago...

hang around to batuBulan and talk to people directly about your request, they will support you.

Good luck.

Jeremie, you can choose a rental room/kost because very cheap money no more than Rp 1.000.000/month
Not too big but enough for 3 person

Jeremie, you're right.  Batubulan is a good budget area to find affordable house rentals.  It's also a good location...still close enough to the southern areas and to Ubud.

I did some search this morning and here's what I found for you Kuta for 22 juta  Denpasar for 25 juta Denpasar for 20 juta

And here is the link for more

Best wishes


there's few house for rent in that area,sanur and denpasar,with that budget

I can recommend Andre who is a Javanese guy helping to find cheap houses. But of course you need to make sure he understands what are your requirements as the mistake is always the same: to offer what is in portfolio. So, you just ask him to show the photos or ask precise questions otherwise it could be also a waste of time.

Another option to ask at warungs of the village, place you wish to live. Normally they know and they help and I think it is the best opportunity to find a cheap house.

Good luck!


please i would like to know where i want one for one year,and please give more information.
thank you
vinay loky

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for accommodation to rent in Bali, I would advise you to have a look in the Housing section- Properties for rent in Bali.

Thank you

i am also Mauritian and also from beaubassin,are you in Bali now,please if you know one small house not expensive one i want to move there on September,with my wife and child.
thank you
vinay loky

Hi Vinay,

Yuveshen is from the team.

Please have a look here and post your advert there.
You can try to contact some real state in Bali in our business directory here  > … al-estate/

Hope this helps,

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