buy prefabricated wooden house at Bali

Hi, I am french and I live in New Caledonia. I want to take order a prefabricated wooden Bali style villa. I think that I shall come at the end of may at Bali.Does Any one know about honnest builders who make quality work. I have found on a  forum, a list of builders:
1. P.T. Woodworld -
2. Bal'e MakerTropical Houses -
3. Bali Prefab -
4. Teak Bali -
5. Bali Tropical House -
6. Tropical Pavilion -
7. Pacific Constructions -
8. Tropical Building Systems -

do you recommend anyone for wooden house construction?


i am currently staying in bali doing research on international schools and education in bali for my thesis.

if you have a child studying in an international school here, i would greatly appreciate 5 minutes of your time to fill out an online survey at


dont forget to press submit!!

thanks a bunch


Remember, a foreigner can't own land in Indonesia.
Some agents will tell you otherwise.

Hi Noumea

I know most of the companies from your list. I visited them one year ago. I must say, pacific constructions gave us the best impression. Those guys are French and real engineers (this is what you would expect if you go to a construction company in Europe). The other companies are ... ok. The owners were very friendly, but we were not 100% convinced of their expertise and and reliability.

Finally, we had another company produced our prefab house: . We decided to do it with this company because the owner offered us to fly to the project site and help with the assembling, he is Austrian (I am German, so we speak the same language), and ... this company was the cheapest, apparently because the factory is located on Java. All others (except pacific constr.) produce on Bali --> raw materials must be shipped from java to bali, and the house will finally be shipped from a harbour on java, also wages are lower on java).

Well, I do not want to tell you were you should order your prefab house. But there is one advice that I can give you 100%: Fly to Bali and have a chat with the companies. And choose the one where the owner & staff seem to be the most competent (ask them unusual/difficult questions and see how they react).

A last word: In my experience, Indonesians have the habit to anwer questions, in general, with a yes. But this does not mean anything! It does not mean "yes", but, I have understood your question! - nothing more. Do not wonder, if you ask, for example: have you already built in country X (answer: yes). and then you want some details about the project (answer: i do not know/ we have not built there).



Hi Muriel,

NEVER use #6 Tropical Pavilion - the owner is a meth addict and pathological liar!!

# 8 Tropical Building Solutions is a good builder - the one who started it all in Bali!

Good luck!


I have seen all and i found better services.


Lew Crippen


I have visited all of the above companies and they are all offer similar products and services.

I decided to purchase from *6 Tropicalpavilion as they were conveniently located around 15 minutes drive from my project site and handled my pre-project planning in a very professional manner.

I did lease a plot of land in Bali for 20 years so thought that a prefab house would be the perfect solution as did not like the fact that I could not legally own land here in Indonesia... should anything go wrong I could literally take the house down and move to another plot of land or even ship back home to Australia should I wish to leave Indonesia.

My house has been up for almost 3 years now and I am very happy with the construction, quality and pre and after sales services that tropicalpavilion had to offer.

I would recommend them.

Chris Saunders

dear Muriel
Try to go to Bali Prefab, they are one of the professional builder for prefab wooden house in Bali.
They've been exporting their projects to Hawaii, Tahiti (Four Seasons resort), Italy, Spain, and many more
Their reputataion for quality are quiet famous here in Bali
Good luck

would you consider antique wooden houses?
i have a good source for them and they are very beautifull
let me know if your interested

Just take care of that little detail I mentioned above.
A foreigner can't legally own land so there is there is the potential for problems.

You can purchase prefabricated wood, fiber cement and magnesium oxide
(MGO) SIPS panel homes at Innova Eco Building System. They ship their building kits world wide!

For more info

Just a little “late to the party” don’t you think?

But for what it’s worth, anyone who builds an all wood, or worse yet, bamboo house in Bali is flushing money down the toilet.

There is a good reason the Balinese themselves never use all wood and wouldn’t dream of using bamboo for a housing structure here in Bali unless they are so poor that standard building methods are financially out of reach. 

Ah yes, the reason…they don’t last and they require constant maintenance.

You should see them when they aren't maintained.
Talk about a mess.

Yes, Fred. 

This urge to “go green” or to be environmentally friendly and responsible is like the road to hell…it’s paved with good intentions.  In Bali one only has to see and know what’s been the reality in recent years with the Green School and a number of expat housing projects. 
It endlessly ceases to amaze me how so many foreigners who make Bali (or any part of Indonesia) their home and approach their new life here primarily based on their own past experiences garnered from a life outside the region.

Well intentioned, yes, for the most part…but totally in the dark because of one essential thing, and that is the failure to take the needed time to understand what has already been going on here for centuries upon century. 

IMHO it is arrogance and an unwillingness to even consider that another culture has already “figured things out” that most fuels this phenomenon that I see all the time.

These days, once my opinion has been voiced, I just sit back and watch the inevitable ending of that movie.  What else can I do?

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hello Ekabali,

Edit your post in english please on this english speaking forum!

It will make everybody know what you posted :)

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I'm sorry...

Selamat Ari...well spoken IMHO.  :)

mas fred :

You should see them when they aren't maintained.
Talk about a mess.

I decided to do a little research into this and have concluded - they can be a good idea.

You can get a lease on the land and pop a prefab on there but not pay all that much at all.
In fact; you can buy a house for about the same cost of renting for a year but it'll probably last a few years; even without maintaining it properly.
However, there is a downside or few:
They're worth not much if you try to sell them second hand.
They tend to be small or, if big, expensive.
They don't look like they'll last for more than a few years so, if you're intending to stay long term, you'll probably need to replace them from time to time.
The plumbing and so on isn't mentioned in prices so watch out for extra bills.

Edit - the reason I looked is, my wife considering opening a restaurant and the place we're eyeing up has a massive back yard.
The cost of the prefab is less than rent for a year; including plumbing.

Not entirely sure if you are joking Fred, (ah, that classic English humor), the one thing missing in your logic is the ever increasing price of wood in Indonesia…year after year.

By the time the wood house is in need for an entire re-build, the likely reality will be that the replacement cost is at least double the initial cost just five or so years prior, and very possibly more.  And of course we aren’t even considering the inconvenience and cost of having to find another place to call home while the re-build is in progress.   

There is a certain and understandable logic associated with immediate gratification, but in my experience, and in the long run, feeding that urge only results in hemorrhaging more money down the road.  However, if an expat is certain that their time in Indonesia is limited, then yes, a house of wood or bamboo might well make some sense.  We might call these folks the “tent expats” or perhaps “Nomad expats?”   

My best advice to anyone thinking of building most anything in Indonesia aside from a car park or a temporary structure needed for a ceremony is to look very closely at what the local folks who have the means to build from whatever materials they want are choosing for their own homes. 

As diverse as Indonesia is, just one element of that diversity is the climate and local environment.  It is that factor that alone defines what’s most practical and what makes the most sense.

The great American statesman Ben Franklin had a perfect phrase to apply to this discussion:

“Penny wise, pound foolish.”

I'm from Yorkshire where we don't waste money and always get the best deal possible.
There are several types of prefab available with a wide range of prices.
I've also been looking at the cost of building with a concrete frame and brick. Not bad at all if you do it right.
That means, you sort out a bunch of local workers and source the materials yourself.
The expensive part is always the bathroom as there's far more effort goes into sorting the drainage, especially dirty waste, than anything else.
The price of breeze blocks is almost nothing and the concrete isn't all that much more. Local manual workers are paid bugger all and a bit. I can do all the electrics so the plumbing is the only expensive bit.
I've got a 15 X 10 m living room with a small bedroom and bathroom down to about 20+ million.
No need for a kitchen as it's be in the restaurant's back garden.

Bonus - Transport to work for my wife would be pretty easy.
We're giving it some serious thought.

hi, i would like to know if someone already finalize his project to import a prefab house on his country from java or bali?

In fact, I would like to import it to New Caledonia so if you can give me some advices about different company and the way to import them could be really helpfull.

thank you

Hello, Muriel,
Could you be more precise about your comment about Tropical Pavillion?
I have had so far a very good relationship with Geoff Leonard (we are working on 2 Benkirai houses) but would appreciate your input.

Thank you,



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Hi, did you buy a prefab house in meantime? I also want to do it.


HI ,
Bonjour ,
We have Teak wooden House Bali. Build 2012  we sale because we will move to french and can't bring with us . if you want I will give you detail of House and the all photo. Give me your address email Merci 



Hi, yes I am interested. We want to buy a wooden house.
Please mail me on ***

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Hi Dragon,

This thread is quite old.
For more visibility and more feedbacks, i invite you to post your offer in the Housing in Bali section.

Thank you,


Thank you for your information .



hello mr. jan
just send you private message
i hope you find it useful

i would like to know more about the wooden house you are selling

hi indodiver

actually my family build  prefab wooden house, jineng, gazebo/bali huts, joglo and stuff
can you please turn on your private message, or you can pm me because it's not allowed to exchange website or e-mail detail or advertise in threads

OK,  I think now you can contact me via email.

Hi, don t  know how to reach you. but my name is Jan Roelofs coming from the city of Houten. You could find me on fb then?  And on hotcom  under my name.

@indodiver: hi, please check your pm, i send you private message

@mr.jan: hi pak, i already sent you message here and on facebook, i hope its not the wrong facebook

selamat pagi

I am interested in buying a wooden bungalow

Hi everyone,

@ Areindl,

indeed this thread is meant for members who want to buy this kind of prefab house. Read the whole thread, you will get some useful information. However, if you want to get some proposals from sellers, please refer to the Housing in Bali section by dropping an advert.

All the best,

Hi can  you pass some pics of house if still for sale and price you are asking. I am looking to buy a pre-fab for my land in Malaysia.

Amin Alwi

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Hi Fred
I'm guessing that based on your experience and past knowledge it might be better to go for a breeze block structure with damp proof course ? Then we could source a joglo and gladaks etc and bespoke tailor fit them onto the structure . We are very keen to have a very authentic Indonesian home , but want to avoid the disadvantages of using a 100 percent timber house.
We're leading the land over 20 years.
Build starts in August this year ( 2017)

Best regards

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