Hi All, i am looking yo buy a villa in Lovina, however the one i am interested in, requires some renovation... removal of a bathroom to update the kitchen area, then at a later date to install a Bali inspired bathroom, anyone who can give me a rough estimate as towhat the  going rate for this work?



Australians can't legally buy land and doing so risks you losing all the money you invest in it.
Bad idea.

Fred, i understand  the legalities of ownership, my partner is indonesian.....

I am asking about renovations and the cost etc....



Hi Vin,

If you want to home renovation actually need Tukang (the builder/craftsman)
generally takes daily pay about 20AUD perday / person
as usually 3 - 4 people depending how large your home.

The model of room that you want to change, please give it to them the pictures.
And the materials could be search in google find at the building stores (Toko Bangunan) along with its price.

You could be also estimate the time remodeling your house and estimate
for one room maybe about 4 days.

There is another way  with "contract system" that is all in who will estimate of costs by the craftsman (tukang). approximately 300 AUD

You Just choose and consider, but with the special conditions "Do not pay full before perfect" you can pay them per three days. Good luck


Thank you, appreciated...



Hi all,
It is a rough estimate I am suggesting you that remodeling of the kitchen may cost $18,000 and bathroom may cost $4000. I know it because recently one of my friends has completed her whole house renovation. Her house look more beautiful and attractive by her choice of the furniture, sink for kitchen,windows and door installation. She installed Stormguard Impact windows and Door which is more efficient and affordable than normal doors.

Dear Ida,

I was just work predict the services only.
The materials, depending on your style;  using materials import or locally
You can also use the services of a contractor who is ready for all the raw materials.

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