Type 1 diabetes in Riyadh

Hi Everyone,

We are in the process of making the move to KSA.  Can I ask if there is anyone living with Type 1 Diabetes?  What is the healthcare system like?  Routine clinic check ups for Hb1Ac?  Annual review?
Kinda want to know what to expect so I can be well prepared.  Anyone on pump?  I am grateful for any info.

Many thanks

As you may already know, Saudi Arabia is in the top 10 globally in terms of DM prevalence. Lots of private clinics as well as governmental health-care providers are familiar with the management of diabetes.
Insulin pump is usually used to manage younger patients and shouldn't be a big concern when planning your journey.
Depending on Your sponsor, you could have a better follow-up and management. In Riyadh, you will find more than five specialised clinics in type 1 diabetes.
I can provide you a short list of the available HCC if you know who your sponsor  is ( governmental or non governmental )

Dear Diet3440,

It's my son who is living with Type 1 diabetes.  He is 7 years old, has a pump and a BM sensor so no need lancets and strips to monitor blood sugar.  My husband and I are both medical profession but not sure how people managed juvenile diabetes there. 

If you can provide me with the short list of available HCC, I will be very grateful, sponsor: National Guard Hospital.


That's great news. As long as you're working with with the national guard, there  healthcare is the best in Saudi Arabia, and you shouldn't be worried about such issue. I'll  list all other providers tomorrow, a colleague is working closely with the national diabetes prevention prog. And will be delighted to share such info.

Thanks Diet3440. Looking forward to receiving you mail......

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