for English native speaker expats who want to learn Arabic for free

hello everybody, how are u all?
my name is dina el-taher. I am an Egyptian girl and I live in cairo. I will be so pleased if I can help any English native speaker expat to learn Arabic for free. in opposite, he/she let me practise speaking English with her/him. I will be so grateful if we can exchange languages for free to reduce living costs for all :) for any expat intereseted, don't hesitate to contact me throught my mail (xxx) so we can arrange for face to face meet up here in cairo.

Hi dinaeltaher,

Welcome to :)

I invite you to post an ad in the Language exchange in Egypt section, it might help you to find a tandem partner soon.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Dina, have you gotten someone to teach you English?

thank u for your replies :) I didn't find any native speakers till now

I'm up for language exchange with females only. Please PM me Dina if you're still looking for a partner. Thanks!

I'm a 21 male can i please contact you ? I want to hang out with american friends to improve my english ! I would be very glad if you will help me ! Thank you

I think it is better idea if it is meet up group not one to one..May be three English native speakers with thee Arabic native speakers..

You can go through the British Council or use notcourses in Nasr City.
Depends which english you want to learn - theres a difference between the american and British. Realised most people have learn the american accent and taught that way

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