Travelling by train is relaxing

Almost a year of living in France, I am happy to reach the Gare de Austerlitz going in different places in the South of France, like Nohant en Graçey, Vierzon Ville and others. Going in some places by train is really fun..most especially if you ever tried to go somewhere in the North of France. Gare du Nord station is the best ride.I can tell that my trip to Lille is one of the most exciting ride I have ever made over my life..because to tell you honestly I have lost my way to the Gare and missed my trip first time to Lille...anyways, i said to myself it was just my first time, only justifying my fault...So I am not parle française so I have to buy a new ticket, making mistakes is a good teacher, now I know what to do next...okay to go over the place I can tell that my trip to was perfect! Places are really nice, the buildings are really fantastic they got the great architectural designs that was really old and stylist typical European, with the big train stations the Gare de Lille Flandres and Gare de Europe.

Hi Joan,

I often use the train (every time I fly back to France) and the TGV is very convenient !

I really appreciate being able to go to Lyon, Montpellier, Luxembourg in a few hours ;)


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