Seine-Maritime: Priest killed and one injured in hostage

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Two men armed with knives broke into a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, in Seine-Maritime, on Tuesday, July 26. Five people present were taken in hostage. The priest was killed and another person was badly injured.

French media report that the police was informed by a nun who had managed to escape. Both suspects were shot dead by police.

An investigation was also opened by anti terrorist authorities. According to media reports, one of the killers had a criminal record.

The attack has been claimed during the day by the Islamic State organization via its communication agency.

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Our sincere thoughts go to the family of the victim and those afflicted by this tragedy.

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Apart from the obvious disgust at yet another pointless act of murderous stupidity committed by these nutters, has anyone noticed a pattern?
When the attackers' profiles come out, many appear as failures of some sort, either thieves, violent husbands or people who find difficulties in accepting their sexuality.
Basically, weak minded losers without a clue.

The actual attackers are just pointless idiots, but their leaders are out to create as much trouble as possible, and they'll win if all of us don't pull together and show unity against extremists from all sides.

One side kills civilians, then the other side kills civilians, but one lot has better PR so can hide their mass killing easier, that and few people want to know about it. … staken-/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\-fighters-manbij-latest-a7148061.html

REVENGE, then more revenge .... then more.

There are a massive number of people without food in this world, but no one bothers helping them, preferring to go for mass murder instead.
The level of stupidity is off the scale.

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