Changing name after marriage - French husband


My husband is French and I'm Mexican. Is changing your name automatically done in France when you get married or do you have a choice?

who do I need to contact? What exactly do I need to do?

I looked for the info but I can't find anything. At the ofii told me that I need to change my last name... I apologize if this has been covered.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Paulie,


In France they do not change your name automatically, and administratively speaking, the maiden name is the one they will continue to use unless you tell them otherwise.

After I was married abroad I took my husband's name (as is customary in the UK) and got my new British passport, which is my only form of ID.

When I informed the authorities in France they congratulated me but said they couldn't care less and it made no difference to them. In order to change my name in 'the system' I sent registered letters with copies of my marriage certificate and new passport and after a looooong while they made the changes I asked for.

Hope that helps!


Hi Jo-Ann!

Thanks a lot!!! That really helped me!

Really, thanks a lot! I was driving crazy 😂

Have a nice day!!

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