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my name is Charlotte. I am a 23 year-old Belgian girl with a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies.
I speak Arabic, Dutch, French, English and Egyptian. I have studied in Cairo last year and I've sort of fallen in love with the country and city. That's why I would love to work and live in Cairo.
Therefore my question if there are any Belgian companies in Cairo who are looking for an expat?

Try once with Deme or Jan de Nul. I know that they are looking for People and busy in Works for Suez Channel. I am also fro Belgium and live in Luxor. I have My own business in rental and sale of flats and houses in Egypt All over. Also for Construction projects.
Good Luck.

Peace be upon you
Nice to know you
If we can meet at whats app


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Why You need My Phone nummer please?
Is It concerning business?

Hi C,

I recommend to start seeking for a job through this site: … 0wodjAQKRQ

I would recommend work in an international school as teacher

You can work as a teacher in international schools or as a journalist or media

A very well competent recruiter for foreigners in Egypt called Pauline D'arcy. try it out.


You may also search Dutch companies here in Cairo
Also, you can make contact the Dutch and Belgian embassy

Success in advance

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