Vaccinations before going to Saudi Arabia

I am South African and have read that a yellow fever vaccination is compulsory in order to get a work visa. Are there any other vaccinations you would recommend?

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vaccinations are not  a  pre requisit  for employment visa , routine blood tests  including HIV and Hepatitis status  is . Chest x ray is also a requirment for visa issuance .All these tests results need to be given to Saudi Embassy so they can process  your visa .
I had not been asked to submit any vaccination proof what so ever for visa application .
You will be required to  get same blood tests and  Chest x  ray  as I mentioned above once you report to  duty on your  first day of your employment . So essentially you will have to do these tests twice .
When people come for Haj , they are required to provide vaccination  certificates .

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Thank you for your response. I have done all of those. Have read somewhere that we need to produce an international yellow card as proof of the yellow fever vaccination.

I think this is applicable only for nationals from africa , not other nationals and the vaccination report might be required by the saudi embassy there in order to process the visa. This should be part of the medical test for the visa application there and if its not specifically covered in the test, then its not required. Upon arrival in order to get the residence permit you will need to do a medical again and this is not checked.

In that case I believe Saudi Embassy in South Africa will guide you better . if you talk to them they will clear all your doubts , I am sure.

Good advice. Thank you. Will phone tomorrow

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