Updated Info about VISA needed

Hello to everyone,
to move and live in Hurghada, which kind of visa can we get right now?
Tourist visa for how long maximum? Need to get out to renew it?
Buy a flat with green paper to get Visa? For how long?  and need to get out to renew it?

We know about some changes so we are worried about this matter.
Your help will be very appreciated.

Please see my response in Living in Hurghada forum :)

thanks we will do ...

When I was in Hurgada I tried to get a visa and they would not even let me in the building or talk to me.   Told me no more visas for foreigners  but I tried in Luxor and they stamped my visa saw security and that was in March 2016 still no visa.    I have friends that waited several months after they saw security and then got a visa from time they entered the country so visa was only for 7 months
Some got one month visa some got 6 months visas still is not any better but you do have a better chance if you have a business so you are paying taxes to the government Egypt is a wonderful place to live and the people are warm helpful and charming but the government for some reason wants foreigners gone
Egypt is wonderful worth trying         you I believe can still get a 3 month visa at the air port go visit see what you can do maybe they have changed
Egypt is the best.         I have been in Egypt since 2008 and do not want to leave ever
Good luck and Enjoy Egypt

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