Marsa Alam

Any advice/useful information on this area?
I am hoping to travel in February, using a multi entry visa while my Egyptian friend shows me around, also to start with a hotel who will assist me with a work visa.

Thankyou in advance :) :)

Marsa Alam is a great place, have been there once, hope you will like it.
Well in February might be little cold and windy at night so keep with u light jacket or so.
Have good stay.

Dear Jade
in advance welcome to Egypt

i think you need to be honest with your self before making any steps regarding coming to Egypt
to tell you the truth your purposes about coming here arent convincing at all to make you travel to another country,,

foreigners here come for tourism / work / romance and marriage

face your self and pick a goal then decide and plan your visit according to your goal

I appreciate your honest coment.

Dear Jade,

Marsa Allam spreads on a very beautiful part of the Red Sea coast. I have been there three times with my family. I went diving for the first time in my life there, it was a wonderful experience. I also went star-gazing at a spot about 15 km into the desert. Are you looking for a place to stay? If so, my family owns a time-share chalet in a resort right on the beach. let me know!

thank you Wasem :)

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