Moving to KL soon

Hi All,

Myself and my family are about to move to KL, I have accepted a job in an international school in Petaling Jaya.

This will be our first move away from the UK, and I have 2 questions that I really need advice on.

- The salary on offer is 12500 RM per month, is this a salary we can be comfortable on, what kind of lifestyle would we be able to afford?

- What are the best areas for expats to live in? Does anyone have any advice? It has to be local (ish) to the school.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Joss,

To be honest, I don't think it is a particularly good salary, but of course you can survive. I am assuming that your kids will get free schooling and that you must pay for an apartment out of your salary?

Rental for a decent apartment can vary anywhere between about RM2500 to RM4000 per month at the low end. In order to rent an apartment you will need to have ready 3 1/2 months rent before you move in. That is, 2 months security deposit, 1/2 month utilities deposit and one month's rent to pay in advance each month.

Electricity will probably be around RM300 - RM500 per month and cable tv and internet another RM300 per month.

If your kids are above kindergarten level then most international schools charge around RM40k+ per year. So hopefully you have free schooling for them?

That leaves food, travel expenses and entertainment to consider.

Petaling Jaya is not particularly an expat area for living but allover KL there are nice condominiums and a lot of new ones in Petaling Jaya. You'll need to consider how you will get to work (taxi, train or bus or drive).

Anyway, without knowing more about your situation, I can just say that the salary seems low but the number of kids you have and whether their schooling is included will make a big difference.


hi Joss ,
welcome to Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur ) .

RM 12,500 is good salary in Malaysia .it is depends on your family situation ( family number - age ..needs . etc. )  , in my opinion it good figure can have good life style,  Renting house consist of 3 rooms in that area cost you Rm 2500 , family car installment RM 1500 , monthly expenses ( internet , bill ..entertainment ...= RM4000 ) what else ??!!

- Petaling Jaya is good area , there are some good area such as Damansara,

I hope I could helped u . sorry for poor English Language .

again welcome to KL

It really depends on how big your family is ....Care to roughly let me know your family and age of your kids? Is your partner working as well or just you supporting the family?

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