Business Visa and Working Permit

How much is the cost to be covered in applying for a work permit and work visa?

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the legal fee is only $20 for the work permit and $145-155 for visa
but then service fee if you hire a service company to do it for you, about $300-500 each

Other significant cost are legalisation fee for your criminal record, experience confirmation, educational degree; health check fee, which are varied from country to country.

After having the WP, if you are already in Vietnam, you must exit Vietnam to  obtain for working visa then comeback, which means you have to pay for the trip too.

Finally, the company that recuited you should pay all of that for you.

What is the medicaltest for getting work.permit in vietnam?

Go to a hospital that is authorised by the government to do it, they only accept certain certificates. It's a fairly easy process that takes about 4 hours depending on which hospital you go to.

List of hospital in Ho Chi Minh City that are eligible to do work permit health check

a.    115 People’s Hospital
b.    Van Hanh General Hospital
c.    Cho Ray Hospital
d.    Colombia Clinic;
e.    Thong Nhat Hospital
f.    International SOS;
g.    FV Hospital

Or you can make a health check overseas and have the health certificate legalised to bring to Vietnam. Make sure that the health cert stated clearly that you are fit for work.

A health check valid for 12 months since date of issuance.

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