Free Courses/Training for Expats In Riyadh

I was hoping to find any free courses for expats in Riyadh area. Please let me know if there are any.

Thanks in advance.

Training in the finer points of Islam or graphic design?

I was hoping for something technical.

Nothing is for free unless you work for a company who wants to train you.

Lectures about Islam. (preferable English or Urdu)

cooldudell :

Lectures about Islam. (preferable English or Urdu)

Millions available on youtube.

Not on Youtube dude. (Physical attendance)

Physical are very rare. That's why suggested you youtube.

cooldudell :

Lectures about Islam. (preferable English or Urdu)

If you want knowledge about Islam, just wander to the nearest mosque and find someone who can speak a language you understand, English being the most likely.

Technical courses without stumping up some cash will be harder work.


There is a free course on every Friday approved by Govt. conducted somewhere in Badiah probably. They provide free lunch and have free pick ups and drop back as well from some parts of city as well. It's a multi-year official course, at the end of which you would receive valuable certificate /diploma.

I joined it several years before. People were picked up from Hara at around 11 am on Friday and dropped back in Hara around 4:30-5:00 pm. They were having classes for Arabic, Quran, Hadeeth, Fiqh. I was unfortunate to leave it in between after aroudn 1 year due to work circumstances. At that time it was somehow affiliated with Madinah University and we were studying towards Aalim's qualification.

I am sure, they are still running and in more languages now. Just ask in some mosque in Hara. Our pickup point was the car parking in front of Daccan Sweets (Old). You can get links from there as well.

Best wishes...

Peeps, anyone know of any place preferably cheap or reasonable priced for an expat to learn vocal Arabic?? I'm not the kind who does self study. I suck at it. Like a class room environment or meet out and learn. Keen to learn Arabic as I'm struggling without knowing the language and it's a essential requirement in my line of work as well.

Please suggest.

go online courses 100% Free

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