Anyone knows a place where Badminton can be played in Riyadh?

Hi everyone...

Me and my wife play badminton at home on our roof top, almost everyday for the last couple of months, but now we both r looking for someplace where we can have a bit of competition and other players are also available in a mixed gathering.

Anyone any such place, kindly share, as Riyadh is full of Conservative people.

Jawad Sami

Hello Jawad Sami!

I hope that other members will soon give you some addresses.


Hi Harmonie...I hope so too, let's just cross our fingers and hope for the happen soon... :)

hi jawad!
the best possible way to play in a standard court is to be a guest to a badminton group. These badminton groups play regularly in International School's courts or sometimes invited in compounds.
You can be a member and have a chance to play on their sched or maybe have a chance to be included in some tournaments.

Check links below for a few badminton groups i know. They welcome foreigner guests.
Actually, these groups joined in the concluded 6th Riyadh Open Mega Tournament. Click here for the story.

Riyadh Shuttlers Club
COPS Badminton Club

Good luck and have some fun!

Thankx mate for this great help...really appreciate it...We will be trying it out after we are back from our leisure trip these days. Thankx a lot once again...


Thanks jawad for posting this question , I m also looking for badminton club ,



Will you be able to find any club. If yes, can you please provide its address.


Check above someone has mentioned two clubs

Hi Jawad,
I believe I know a place in Malaz. I've been there 1ce. It's an indoor court....belongs 2 Srilankan Int'l School.  Perhaps u may get sum valuable details if u visit there on Friday evenings.

thankx buddy...really appreciate it....

mr.jawad iam also best badmanton player and looking partners on weeknds to play but i do not have practice here since i did not find place to play, if you can please help me to play
thanks in advnace

dear mr jawad sami
I suggest you see the slab sports club el monchaat its a great club and EST vary familiar mixed you can find people to play and many abroad or you can rent if your group lespace
Director Mr. Abderrahman: tel: 0555408837
cest the listing for the whole year and all your famille4500ryals all terrain, indoor swimming pool, sports machine, massage, outdoor swimming pool aqua cest tres adequois as a place for foreign and diplomatic quarter

Dear Fayad

I recently moved in Riyadh and iam also looking for partner to play on weekends. I am medium level player and out of practice as well. Please contact me at mudassir.rizwan[at] Further from the whole discussion on this topic i manage to find only one bedminton club with proper address which is Riyadh Shuttlers Club.Respected expats have sighted some internet links or other indicated about other clubs but i am unable to find proper address and telephone number.

thank you mudassir rizwan for your gentlemen reply and sure i will contact on your email

IISR Sports Club (Riyadh)
The best – Only for Indian Nationals (Holds Riyadh Open Tournaments)
Open 7 days a week 8 pm -11pm
IISR Badminton ;

International indian public school Badminton Sports Club ( Riyadh )
Only for Indian Nationals – Near King Fahd Medical City
Open 7 days a week 8 pm -11pm

Riyadh Shuttlers Club
International Phillipine School. Olaya

C.O.P.S. Badminton Club (Circle of Pinoy Shuttlers)
Claims to be the most fun filled badminton club, Open for all nationalities … l&filter=2

Pinoy Badminton Club
- … 5098963959

Elite Badminton Club (EBC - Riyadh)
Elite International School
Contact : Mr. Emmanuel Espinosa : EBC.riyadhksa[at]

Riyadh Expat Shuttlers Club (RESC)

Baddicts Arabia

Warehouse 97 BC - Exit 18 … ir&slk=385 … &filter=12

Eight to Ten Unlimited Badminton Club (EUBC-Riyadh) … r&slk=1407

Badminton Afficionados of Riyadh (BAR) … ir&slk=359
Pedro Pimentel, Jr. tmbutterfly03[at]

Alliance Badminton Club, Riyadh (ABC) … ir&slk=150

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City (SBHAC) Badminton Club … -club.html

FuGen Badminton Club FUGEN-Riyadh)
Future Generation Philippine International School, Sulaimania … nton_Club/

Al Taj Badminton Club (ATBC-Riyadh) … dir&slk=45

Klab2Bit (K2B-Riyadh)

SMASH Shuttlers  (Smash-Riyadh) … 3834326940

SIS Badminton Riyadh
Philippine Sunrise International school … nit=public

Fawaq Badminton Club … &Itemid=57

hi everyone can i join ur badminton club? pls give me a mobile number whom i can contact with..thank u verymch...

Hai, I am looking for people who are interested in badminton.
so please share.

Hi everyone,

i need the address or road map for  Warehouse 97 Badminton club Exit 18. please anyone help me.


Dear folks,

is there any Badminton courts near MALAZ-farazdaq street??

Hi everyone... i love playing badminton too... unfortunately, until now my friends and i still have not found 1... any help will be appreciated... tanx...

im looking for badminton buddy too...we can play here in my accomodation...just bring racket and we can set it up here...

is there any active players and where to play badminton here in Riyadh? thanks!

Atleast someone should reply with address. I am looking for a place to play badminton in Riyadh. many thanks in advance for positive response. you can contact me at ehteshamuddin85[at]

I go to Elite Badminton Club (Philippine School), its near Olaya,(Kingdom Dates) , they are open on Saturdays, mrning, 8-10. u can join me,i'm going this week, 0509482758

British club(Exit 9) is there but you will have to pre-book ur slots, and its for more experienced players only.

Oh and they are open even today, Tuesdays 9-11 PM - Elite Badminton Club

can you give me the coordinates of the philpine school? also tell me what are the rates?

the rates are minimal, 20-30 SR, its on booking basis, so for 2 hrs slots, depends on the number of players the rates increase or decrease.

Hi all, have any indoor badminton court in riyadh near malaz

anyone up for badminton ?

i wish i can play with you but im living here in king khalid international airport

Hi everyone Im a member of w97 right now we are open for membership.We have slot in Bindayel every friday 8 to 5pm and every saturday 8am to 3pm.Those who are intersted pls u can call us 0509177697.Thanks Aljon

Namzuged :

Hi everyone Im a member of w97 right now we are open for membership.We have slot in Bindayel every friday 8 to 5pm and every saturday 8am to 3pm.Those who are intersted pls u can call us 0509077698.Thanks Aljon

Where is this Bin Dayel ?

for filipino only....

Could somebody please guide me to find a badminton court near Olaya street.


Can you please give a contact details of any badminton club here in Riyadh

Bros - I am open to join..moved from singapore to riyadh..
Please buzz me **
medium quality player.

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Muhammad Haris :

Can you please give a contact details of any badminton club here in Riyadh

There is one called Badminton Square Riyadh.

GPS Co-ordinates are:

Where do u stay.

I stay near Malaz

Can you give the proper location of badmiton court in malaz?  I dont know where is in srilankan school in malaz.

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