Female personal trainer

Hello all,
I'm looking for a female personal trainer in Riyadh. Any one can help?

What kind for trainer you want ?

Fitness trainer, general no specific type

I'm looking as well for me and my wife in riyadh, pls advise if you got any luck. Looking for crossfit / high intensity WO.


Yes, I would like to know if you had any success! Please let me know!

Please let me know too. xxx

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Hi. I am a female PT  based in Riyadh. My schedule is a bit busy but send me a message and I can refer you to my PT colleagues. All the best!

Would you have friends in Jeddah PT ?

Im a personal trainer i live in jeddah

My name is Manal and I'm looking for a PT can you help me?

Hi Shahad,
My name is Manal and I'm looking for a TP please send me your contact.

If you are in Riyadh let me know. I know trainers.

Me too I am looking for female personal fitness trainer in Riyadh. I hope someone will replay,,

Hi. I am an experienced PT qualified from The UK and got some of the experience and all training from there. I live in East of Riyadh near to Al Habib Rayan. I have my driver and I can commute to the customer as long as you don't live in other end of the town. I also have a small well equipped gym and an open roof top  in the house so I do sessions in the house. Inbox me of you are interested. Ladies only. Kate

HI, are you still looking?

Hi, are you still looking?

Hello im in riyadh and i want to start taining i havent trained in sooo soo long please contact me if u are or know a personal trainer

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