Female personal trainer

Hello all,
I'm looking for a female personal trainer in Riyadh. Any one can help?

What kind for trainer you want ?

Fitness trainer, general no specific type

I'm looking as well for me and my wife in riyadh, pls advise if you got any luck. Looking for crossfit / high intensity WO.


Yes, I would like to know if you had any success! Please let me know!

Please let me know too. xxx

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Hi. I am a female PT  based in Riyadh. My schedule is a bit busy but send me a message and I can refer you to my PT colleagues. All the best!

Would you have friends in Jeddah PT ?

Im a personal trainer i live in jeddah

My name is Manal and I'm looking for a PT can you help me?

Hi Shahad,
My name is Manal and I'm looking for a TP please send me your contact.

If you are in Riyadh let me know. I know trainers.

Me too I am looking for female personal fitness trainer in Riyadh. I hope someone will replay,,

Hi. I am an experienced PT qualified from The UK and got some of the experience and all training from there. I live in East of Riyadh near to Al Habib Rayan. I have my driver and I can commute to the customer as long as you don't live in other end of the town. I also have a small well equipped gym and an open roof top  in the house so I do sessions in the house. Inbox me of you are interested. Ladies only. Kate

HI, are you still looking?

Hello im in riyadh and i want to start taining i havent trained in sooo soo long please contact me if u are or know a personal trainer

I'm in riyadh i need trainers please if u don't mind

Hello are you still in Riyadh I'm currently looking for a personal trainer. Please email me if you are ***

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I'm looking for personal trainer in Dammam. I'm interested in fitness training, general no specific type. Any ideas? Kindly assist. Thanks.

Hello, Im looking for perosnal trainer here in Riyadh. Kindly send me a message.

Thank you

Hi am looking for female personal trainer who can come to my house and workout for loosing weight... am based in riyadh, Saudi Arabia, please contact me via whtsapp **** if any is intrested thanks

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I really need pt please can you  refer  me to any of your colleagues this is my contact email


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Hello are you still interested in a personal trainer?

Hi, how can I contact you for more information?

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