Looking for Lebanese community in Prague

Is there any Lebanese community in Prague

Hello Claude, my ex boyfriend was Lebanese living in Prague and I have never heard. Mostly there are just men from ar. countries. If you have more questions or want to just talk dont hesitate to send me a message 😊

Hello Michaela ,
Thank you for your answer , I am back to Prague a week now , i feel a bit lost because everything is in Czech language . I guess with time things will get easier . Would love to meet for a coffee .
Claude mona

Hi Claude

I guess this is a message from last year. I hope that you are feeling more at home now in Prague. There is a small Lebanese community here in Prague. Have you been in contact with the Lebanese Embassy? Our Charge d'Affaires is a wonderful lady! There is also a facebook page called Lebanese in Czech Republic. I have been here for 4 years almost but we are moving soon to Milan... I wish you all the best! Joyce

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