Muslims in Prague

Hello ,
Is it safe for muslim hijabi girls to visit Prague ? Is Prague influenced in any way by the incidents in France ?


I think the Czechs have overall negative attitude towards Islam, but at the same time, they are tolerant. Noone will attack you because you are wearing hijab.

Honestly, we Czech are mostly atheist and I don't really think that muslim girls would be in danger here.
Eventhough we do not support your faith, we aren't bigoted either.

Thank u guys for replying :)

Hello, im Muslim too but Im not wearing lhijab, any way im living in Prague so don't worry about that its safe no one gonna distrub u.

I moved here a few years ago .. Prague that is .. and in desperate need to find some girls to meet,hang out.. shop.. I did visit some Mosques .. but its so hard to meet new people! everyone is kind of doing their own thing I guess.. anyway … please let me know of any groups/meetings/ anything .. to get to know some girls .. are there any volunteer groups of any kind for muslims..anything?! It seems like there aren't many Muslims in Prague or if there are .. they sure are hiding .. thanks!

  In Prague there's any kind of troubles. can have your hijjab and enjoy your time. ....I m living in Prague so you are welcome anytime.

Thank u :)

Hello Princess! 😊 In Prague we are very tolerant to other cultures and used for ar. women wearing hijab. If you have more questions just send me a message.

Hello Malika, to be honest I dont think that women living here wear hijab, I have some friends from ar. countries.. If some do so they are not sociable.


crystalianike :


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crystalianike :


Peace be upon you too.
Perhaps a nice introduction would be a good idea.

When did you move there? My sister will be coming to Prague to study medical next month, are you still there in Prague. Please let me know.


You will be safe, no question about might get some looks from time to time.

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