i look for friends in prague

hyy,,, :)
my name is anie. im from indonesia
i just move to work here but i dont have friend i would like to meet u all and be my friend
thank you,,  :)

Hi Anie! How are you? My name is Adriana I am in the same situation :) maybe we can meet for a coffee or beer next week, would you like?
Have a wonderful day and welcome to Prague :)

hy Adriana,,
that would be great  :)
btw how we can meet?

Hi, you are still up for some meeting?:) I'm also quite new in prague I will gladlly meet new people.

Hello Annie, if you wanna meet some native Czech person (the person it´s me) ;)  don´t hesitate and let me know :) have a nice day Petr

Always up for some fun :)

Always good meet new friend :)

I'd like to meet you, so I could help you to orientate in the city and maybe practise some bahasa indonesia with you :)

Hey annie next week I Will come Prauge for holiday, do you wanna drink with me

hey i am here anie:)

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Hi Anie,

I'm Czech but doing a lot of business with Indonesia.
How do you like it here?


hey nice to meet u

ya i really enjoy prague
so u know many people from indonesia?


I do, but none of them here in Europe :-)
What are you doing here in this cold weather?? :-)


hi anie, im from philippines, I'm working here in prague for about 2 months, we go bar hop every fri or sat, wanna join us?

Hi, I am from Indonesia too. Is this thread still accepting new posts?

Hehe did you you already got in touch with other Indonesians in Prague ? :) I'm sure Anik could help you with that :)

nope, not yet. I have sent a message to Anie (ciao Anik) and hope she will respond to it soon. And thanks for hitting this thread, Dworza :)

Should you have any information about Indonesia, I am open to help you

If she wouldn't respond, just PM me and I could share a few contacts with you ;)

I already did. Thanks :)

Yes you welcome in Prague I ll be there next week ☺see you sooooooonnnnn

Hlo I'm bishal I am from Nepal can I make your freand

Sure why not
Nice to meet you :)

And what do u do thear

Bishal karki :

And what do u do thear

@setiani and @Bishal karki

Please feel free to use the PM system to chat  :) Thanks

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