New to Prague from Manchester - Looking for friends

Hi all!

I have just recently moved back to Prague from Manchester and looking to meet new friends here.
If anyone's interested send me a message thanks :)

Hello Anna and welcome on board

A new thread has been created as from your post on the Prague forum to help you get more interactions.

You may subscribe to the Networking in Prague section of the forum to be notified whenever there are new meet ups.

Also participating on recent threads there will help you meet new people..

Best Regards

That's great Kenjee, thank you very much! :)

hi i am new here also and i would like to meet some new friends speak english or german ,

Hiiiii how are you ? Are still in Prague ?

Yea Iam still in praguenworking here now ,what about you ?

Hey how you doing? Message me and hopefully we can talk further

Hi I don't know if your still here but I've just recently moved to Prague and I'm looking to meet other people. Adjusting has been very difficult for me!

hi im planing to move to Prague as a student,
Is it a gd country to live and study also doing part time.
Please reply friends who lived in Prague now. :)

Hello dear
May i want some information about prague

@ Abrarkasuri > please feel free to create a new thread on the Prague forum, to introduce yourself properly and to ask your questions.

Thank you,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hey Anna,

Hope you are doing well. Do you speak Czech language as well or only English?

English arabic hindi urdu punjabi only

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