bringing my cat to Hanoi


Does anyone know where I can get information on bringing my cat with me to Hanoi? We are moving there in mid-July and the Vietnamese embassy here tells me it is ok, but, no other details.
Does anyone have any advice? He has all his shots, has the chip and my vet here can do all the paperwork, just need to know what the paperwork might be.

We are currently working in Abuja, Nigeria

Would appreciate any help.

Thank you

Cannot help with your question, though I have a friend who brought his cat over from Saudi without any problems - getting it back out of the country might be more difficult.

I only answered because if you are bringing a cat or dog into the country, be aware it will only be safe for your pet if it is kept indoors.


Thank you for the insight. Thankfully our cat is very much an indoor cat.

Thanks again,


Visit for more information. Hope you and your cat arrive here safely!

Thank you very much.


Arrived safe and sound. No issues what so ever, getting our cat into Vietnam

Thank you for taking the time to let us know you and your cat arrived safely.
If there was any specific paperwork or process you had to undertake I;m sure the community here would like to know about it so we could use it as a reference point for others.

Make sure your veterinarian fills in all the paperwork. You need to have recent blood test reports. Your vet will know what paperwork is required. No one even gave us a second look when we arrived. It may have been because our flight was 7 hours late, and the arrivals area closed down pretty quickly.
Hope this helps.

Make sure your vet fills in all the documentation. Your vet should be able to find out all the tests required including the chip for identification. Keep this paperwork with you, hopefully, the airline will allow pets on board as Turkish Airlines does. We were not even given a second glance on arrival. We went through immigration and customs with the cat carrier visible and no one asked us any questions or stopped us. This may have been due to the fact that our flight was 7 hours late arriving and the airport seemed almost deserted. I really do not know but, no problems whatsoever.

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