Guinea Pig(s)

Perhaps a rather bizarre request,but we have decided to buy one or probably two guinea pigs as pets for our son.There is no pet shop in Ha Tien,does anyone know if there is one in Rach Gia(this would be the easiest place for us  to go) or perhaps Long Xuyen.Also,does anyone have any idea what a guinea pig costs to buy?I've kept them as pets before(in the UK) so I know about housing/feeding etc.Thanks in advance for any help.

Some years ago the VN government banned 'marmots' in VN  for health reasons, but the photos in the newspapers to me looked like guinea pigs.   So perhaps guinea pigs are banned in VN.   The 'marmots' were not being raised as pets, but rather being bred to eat.

Well I don't think they are banned,at least I've seen two here in Ha Tien quite a while ago on the grass by the river(their owners were letting them eat the grass) and we were in a restaurant in Rach Gia last week,and they had two in a cage there.Didn't think to ask then butnext time I'll ask the restaurant where they got them from

Are you in vietnam saigon d7  pmh? BEacause I can give you 2 for free!

I can give you one or 2 for free (guinea pig) if you live in d7 saigon pmh, you can meet me at panorama Starbuck block b

Unfortunately we live in Ha Tien which is a considerable distance from there,and I can't travel there just now.Thanks for the offer though!!

So kay

does anybody else want one

Please take one or two!

Why don't you pack them and send to Ha Tien for him then, as I know we can send pet, animal to another province. Use local carriers or chành xe Sài Gòn - Hà Tiên.

It will die though, but thank you for the suggestion.

Hi everybody,

@ Jnguyen24, could you please drop an advert in the Saigon pets classifieds ?

You may as well upload some photos so that interested members can have a look and contact you.

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Further to my original post,we haven't been able to find any in Ha Tien or Rach Gia.We will be in Saigon for a few days next week,does anyone know of a decent pet shop there where we can get 2 guinea pigs?Thanks in advance

jnguyen24 :

It will die though, but thank you for the suggestion.

I am reminded of a return to HCMC from Binh Dinh Province.  The bus drivers put everyone's luggage on the roof and filled the luggage compartment with coconut baskets full of roasting sized pigs.  Only one or two were dead at the end of our journey but it rained heavily en route and all the luggage was soaked.  We had suitcases and were OK but some people were bringing back rice from their family farms.   They were not happy.   :mad:

Do you still have them or do you know where to buy guinea pigs in HCMC?

There is a nice clean little shop in D5 on a busy street. House rodents, cages, toys. Hamsters or guinea pigs, sorry I don't know the difference.

463 Trần Phú, Phường 7, Quận 5, Hồ Chí Minh

Google this for others:
"Pet Shop Thú Cưng miền đất hứa"

Hi, thanks a lot, this was very helpful!

Do you know where it's possible to find birds and cages? I have been looking everywhere and google is not very helpful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

You asked that question on Aug 7 and got several answers.  :/

gobot :

You asked that question on Aug 7 and got several answers.  :/

Could there be a pattern?  One asks the question, and in a few days the other gives the answer which is their place of business.

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