Taking pet dog on Vietnam train

Any one has experienced travel on Vietnam train with pet dog?

I have looked up the regulation (in Vietnamese) about passenger transportation, baggage, how to send on national rail...

Article 23 4e for hand luggage; it does say pets are allowed to travel with passengers as long as hygiene is maintained and not to disturb people around.

I have conversed on line with train Vietnam and they are not sure; they have suggested to call the Saigon train operators for advise:
Ga Sài Gòn:
- (ticketing) Đội vé : 08.3843 6524 - 08.3843 6528
- (passenger) Phòng hướng dẫn khách vận : 08.3931 8952
- (baggage) Tổ hành lý : 08.3843 6527

I will be calling for advise when I get a chance. If any one has experienced please share.

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Any success ? I also would Iike to travel with my dogs by train .If you have any experience, can you pls share .
Thank you!

I have called and got to know that it its a rough ride on VN train with pet animals.
Passengers will have to sit with pet dog in the special section with all other animals...

I have further researched it is much better taking pet dog on VN air line.
The cost is 275,000 vnd for dog under 9 kilos
440,000 vnd for dogs over 9 kilos

The above info is obtained from VN air line traveling with pet dog inquiry: 083-8-320-320

Thank you so much for your reply!
My only concern about vn airlines is about papers. I was thinking about short 3 days vacation with our fur kids.

i believe airlines have regulation regarding which breed is allowed also..

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