havil international school

Hi. I intend to enrol my son at the havil international school. Any genuine reviews of the said school shall be very helpful. Tq

Hi athi.aruun,

We are moving to KL by this June end and are interested in this school, can you please provide your experience with this school and fees structure for it. My kid is 3yrs.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there. The school is good. It is a small but good school. Its principal is an expat from uk. But the teachers are all local. My son is in year 1 and the class is small, only about 15 of them. Initially there were a few hiccups. But since the school is a small group school, behaviours of the students is well taken care of. Fees are about rm 15000 per year for year one. One cant expect a well built international school with in house swimming pool and extra curriculum from this fee structure ie. The garden international school. But as far as the studies are concerned, this school can be vouched for as its a good bargain as far as their cambridge (UK) syllabus and fee strucure is concerned. Thank you.

Hi Arti,
That is the last school u may want to consider as they changes of teacher is very frequent. I am talking about  very very frequent. Every term you will see at least 2-3 new teachers. The principal too is new  and the head of school is very much profit orientated. School is small and cramp.

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