A job offer in Barka oman for 1100 R.O

Hello Everyone,
I just received an offer for an Assistant Professor position in Barka, Oman. The offer looks low to me and wonder if anyone can guide me, please,  if it is good rate in Oman? my family is 5 including me , wife and 3 kids( 2 elementary and 1 high school). The offer is plus other facilities but does not include schools for my kids who require international schools.

Thank you!

Hi Amadk,

Without getting into anything further, I can plainly tell you that if you are looking at educating your kids in 'international schools' here and maintaining your entire family, you would need five times this salary.

Thank you Sumitran for replying to my inquiry.
I header about Indian schools which offer good education for reasonable tuition fees. Can I still afford paying the school with this salary?
What is acceptable salary average that sounds reasonable in your opinion in my case?
Also, my life style is average. Thanks again.

This offer normal and average for family like you
yes Indian school have normal tuition fee you can manage in this salary
you cant save much but you can manage your family with kids education there if you average style.

Thank you khanoman780.
do you know if there is an Indian school in the Barka region please? if you have any website or contact. I am searching online but can't get it. Thanks again.

i will check and tell you

Thank you so much khanoman780.

Hi Amadk,

Indian Schools are much more affordable than any international schools here in Muscat. For every month the tuition fee for lower grades would be approximately about R.O.  75/-. This is just for you to get an idea of the fee structures.

Please google for indianschoolsoman and you will find the link right on the top.

Hi Amadk,

click on the link above to gain access to the many previous queries and discussions on schools in Muscat / Oman.

Thank you so much Sumitran.

I spent time reviewing the discussion .  Indian schools are very good option. I called two of the Indian schools. The administration told me that these schools are only for Indian citizens. Actually, I am a Canadian citizen relocating to Oman. My kids speak English but can not afford British, or American International shools.

As you can see I am stuck now. What do you suggest, please? appreciate your time.

Hi Amadk,

I see your predicament.

But, there are of course solutions and options. So don't fret, or lose sleep over it.

Besides ABA, TAISM and their expensive ilk, there are also quite a few others of similar nature, yet affordable.

Check out the likes of Azzan Bin Qais International School, Muscat International School, The International School of Choueifat, International School Oman, Gulf International School Muscat, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Al-Ibdaa International School, Alruwad International School ...

But be warned, if you read the many online reviews of these schools, you will find them inexplicably swaying dangerously between both the extremes - being condemned to damnation on the one side, and praised to the heavens, on the other.

But nothing like a personal first-hand visit to the shortlisted schools (depending on where you are planning to stay in Muscat).

Go, pay them a visit. Speak to the other parents whose wards are already enrolled. Find out how the school is. The goods and the bads. Then make an informed decision, before admitting your children.

Don't forget, every problem has a hundred solutions !!

Only know where to look. And how to seek.

Good luck !


Firstly, I dont understand what makes you come to Oman from Canada. The living standards and education standards here very different in comparison to Canada. Also salaries here are not so great post the fall the petroleum prices globally and localization is prime focus of government to strengthen the economy. You can google more information.

As a fellow Canadian completing my second year as a teacher in the Middle East (most recently in Salalah, Oman), I applaud your interest in living and working in Oman. In my opinion, you cannot put a monetary value on giving your family the priceless life-enriching experience of living abroad and exposing them to the geographic and cultural richness of this beautiful and historically fascinating region. The tax-free salary you are being offered would probably be sufficient to support your family to a reasonable standard if you are not considering expensive international schools and do not expect luxury. You can check the website Numbeo to compare costs of consumer goods and other lifestyle factors. Consider your main reasons for choosing to work abroad and make your decision based on not just monetary ones.

good luck

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