Got a job offer in Oman with 964 OMR basic


I am an Engineer and got a job in Oman with
Basic salary - 964 OMR
Housing amount - 347 OMR
Additional allowance - 63 OMR
Transport allowance - 100 OMR
Total take home salary - 1474 OMR.

I have a family of 3. Wife and 1 son studying in 1st standard in a Reputed school in India.
- I need a 2 BHK decent house mainly in Muscat or other area.
- Indian school education expense
- Average monthly expense including electricity and household?
Please suggest me the approx. expenses in Muscat.
Can i Manage with this much salary and how much would be the saving after all the expenses?

Your honest advice is highly appreciated.

Arun Kumar

Well your expenses depends on your living style. Here is a rough estimate for you;

- 2-3 Bed Room House at a good location around 250 OMR with Electricity, Water
- Average Monthly Expenses - around 200 OMR
- Indian School - No Idea (I am from Dushman Desh - Pakistan :P)
- You must have Oman Driving License and a Car to avoid huge transportation cost in Muscat. This will cost you around 400 OMR. OMR 7/hour is Drive Training Fee, 35 OMR for each Drum Slop & Road Test.

Hi arunmech,

Suggest you first read through the numerous similar posts you can find in this forum. All cost details have been discussed in detail there. Costs have not changed much from then to now. So it would all be pretty much similar only.

Just to clarify a fairly good 2 BHK apartment would cost you about R.O. 400/month rent. Yes, for R.O. 250/- per month rent you can find a 2 BHK apartment, but it would most certainly be rundown and dilapidated. And you would have to pay another R.O. 150/- per month only on its upkeep !

I am not getting into any details now, but the salary quoted is more than sufficient for leading a reasonably comfortable life for a family of your size. Yes, you can easily save upwards of 50% of your income every month, if you spend a bit prudently and not splurge.

Indian School admissions to the 1st standard might be a big challenge for you and you would have to first take note of your place of work and then decide on your place of stay and then look for the closest Indian School. Monthly school fee for 1st standard would be in the region of R.O. 50/-.

Hi Sajid.
Thanks for the insight. There is no dushman desh. I have met many pakistani guys in my professional life and i must say i never felt that we are from different country.

Coming to the query. My concern is, whether is it OK to accept this offer. Can i have a comfortable life in oman with this salary which includes good indian schooling and good accomodation and no compromises.
After all these espenses, will i be able to save some good amount?

Arun Kumar.

Thanks Sumitran, very useful information. I want to lead a confirtable life in oman with no compromises on family part and some good saving.

Thanks again.

It's a good salary you can blindly go ahead..

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This is good package any way
you can join
you saving will be more than 500 after all
but its depend on your style of living for normal u can

Thanks for your Input Moman


Is it really 400/month for property rent? because I was checking online and i could only find OMR1500/month.

I am looking for a nice neighborhood to live and when I searched online, the suggestions were Madinat Sultan Al Qaboos. I couldn't find anything in OMR700 range which is our house allowance.

Please give me some suggestions as we are also in the stage of accepting a job offer

Well I am not sure which property site listed a 2BHK at OMR 1500 .
certainly it is very high by any standard.

well in any decent area ....Ruwi ..Darsait....Al Khuwair  , a decent 2BHK should be anywhere between 300 to 400 depending on location or condition. Even a 2BHK (furnished) in Qurum (Bareeq Al sati) should be available at 650/700 OMR. ( I am told the current rates about OMR 100 less)

If you are looking at gated community it could be a little higher .

The best part is , I came here in 2015 and in each subsequent annual contract the rent has got reduced ....though the amount of reduction is not substantial though .

Al Habib could be a good source, even if they may charge a wee bit higher, they maintain the buildings well and are responsive to maintenance requests.

You could take a look at Bareeq Al Shatti


Well ..while in absolute terms 1.5 K looks good , for a switch its always comparative.
Generally, your professional skillset is destined to suffer (though your specific area may not adhere to generalization).

Unlike India, either there would be minimal increment or no increment at all. The CCY (FX rates) - at least in past 2 years has taken a beating (an average of 176 to a Rial in 2016 to the current level of 167 ! ) .....

Evaluate your current status - learning / growth rate etc ....and you may not just peg it with the current salary / exchange rate.

Though there are many positives here , the purpose was to highlight the negatives and a pleasant surprise never hurts :)


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