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Assistant professor Salary in Muscat Oman 1800RO/month?

I have been oferred an assistant professor salary in musqat oman. It is 1800 RO / month (all inclusive). No acomodation provided. free air fare for familly and free medical insurance. Is this good starting salary.

Hi steve_loeb,

Whether the said salary is enough or not would largely depend on your family size.

An all inclusive package of R.O. 1,800/- may be good for  bachelor, but may not be so for a family.

More so, if the family is having school going children, then the equation changes adversely.

Also, the location of the work place would matter. House rents would vary depending on the locality.

Free annual airfare and free medical insurance are mandatory as per the local labour laws.

If you care to red the numerous other posts in this forum, you will get  very good idea of what to expect.

Thanks. I have been informed that the starting salary of around 1800 all inclusive is usually offered in the Universities in Oman. Can you please comment?

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