Trip to Mauritius

Hello again
I'm new here. In 2 weeks I'm travelling again to Mauritius and I'm looking for beekeepers. Myself are owner of 7 populations and I would be very happy to know more about beekeeping on this beautyful island.

Hi MSpringbrunn,

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Is it a permanent move to Mauritius please?



Hi Priscilla,
No I'm afraid not. But is my 4. visit to this Island and it will not be the last one.

Hi MSpringbrunn,

I don't really know if you will find any beekeeper here on the forum but i did find some infos about beekeeping in Mauritius.

- … lture.aspx

- … epers.aspx

- … ulture.pdf

All the best,

Dear Bhavna
Thank you for your help. :)

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