Is tangier a good place to live

Hey everyone is tangier a good place to live ?

Hi Lynn,

Tangier can be a good place to live in if you are well established. Life cost is increasing, however accomodation offer is large as well as the job market, where the english besides arabic or french is very appreciated.

Public transportation is little difficult to rely upon but it is doing its basic function. the city main points of interest are not very spread.

I do not know what are your and your husband profiles but I would recommend looking for jobs before coming.

Hope it helps in some way

I can give more details by msg if need be.

Thank u so much for replying to me, he is currently in Casablanca where he has lived all his life. We consider tangier as it may be cooler climate for me than Casablanca, our preference to get him here won't be able to happen so this what our next option. He is at the moment applying for jobs, so hopefully he will hear something soon. Basically I just wanted to hear from anyone who lives there to give me some info so thank you. Have you lived there for long ? And are you happy there ? Are you an expatriate ? How do you cope in summer heat ? This my concern also..many thanx

Hi Lynn,

As you can see from my profile I am not expatriate, but I have lived in Europe for some time thus I can do some comparisons.
With regards to the weather, Tangier might be slightly cooler than Casablanca but it is very humid.
With regards to the city organisation, administrations, uses or social life, I trust you have been introduced to it by your husband, but it is to note that Tangier (and the north in general) has some peculiarities compared with other cities: shops do not open early, people in general are more conservative.
I believe you have chances to find a job as a carer as there are many expats, and local families having their children at the american school or other english speaking schools. you can also post an ad at these establishments.


Hi there thank u so much for your reply, I do not like intense heat or humidity. I do not have tolerance for it. I have been to Casablanca twice Marrakech once and visited rabat for day trips. I am still unsure as to where is best for us, for climate and job prospects many thanx

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