New year's day in Tangier question

Hi there. Sorry to bother you.  I'm from Manchester, UK but not an expat. Im taking 1 weeks holiday in gibralta and I have a question:

I'm thinking of spending a day and stopping overnight in Tangier on new year's day.  Does anyone know if everything will be closed, no busses etc like Europe or is 1st January not a big thing in morocco?

If its less of a normal day then I'll choose a different day. Thankyou

Hi Bucephalus,

1st of January in Morocco is a bank holiday for enterprises and public administrations, however shops, hotels, clubs and everything related to leisure will be 100% operational and will be celebrating the new year for those locals who celebrate it and for the expat communicty living here.

Should you need any further details do not hesitate to ask.

P.S: you should check the ferry schedule previously either for bad weather or for any company schedule change because of the timing.

Thankyou very much hla. I'll book the ferry to tangier med before flying.  I figured new year's day would be more logical in Morocco than Spain. 

I do have one other question that I've been struggling resolve online: is there a bus from tangier to Ceuta?  I'm bringing a 2 year old with me so grand taxi is not an option as we'd need to walk around with a car seat. I could rent a car in tan but I don't want to rely on it

There is no direct bus to ceuta, but Taxis or buses that go to Castillejos that is the closest moroccan town (2km). I think that renting a car is the most practical way.

There are also private drivers that can offer such service for the journey.

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