government financing schemes

Hi everybody

My first question is if there are any government schemes for financing young Mauritian citizens who want to develop an interesting  business idea into a successful business project thus avoiding taking credit from a bank?
My second question is if a non-resident can establish a partnership with a resident in Mauritius?

I would much appreciate your help in this matter as i am willing to help a friend of mine very much.
Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Indeed there is a financial scheme for SME(Small and Medium Enterprise). You can have more details through SMEDA. You need first to have a business plan.

Secondly, if you are coming up with a creative idea that can revolutionarize the business, I strongly encourage you to believe in it and give it a shot. You will surely meet some hard tines but do not give up.

You can do it. You need only to believe and you will find a way to meet your end.



Hi Pascal,
Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

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