Citizenship through investment

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I'm considering moving to Mauritius full time in about 5 years time.  Between now and then i want to start setting myself up first through residency (as required by government). I was reading that citizenship/naturalisation is possible through investment of $500 000 (not the residency through property route). Does anyone have knowledge about this and exactly how it works i.e. type of investment, can it be done through the stock exchange or must it be through direct investment in businesses, etc. Citizenship obviously provides one with the flexibility to buy and stay where you want and not be limited to the expat residency developments which in my view might be sometimes at inflated prices.

There are quite a few consultants who are willing to provide information about this topic at expensive hourly rates but i've found community based information is more reliable as it's less biased and not commission driven.

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A foreign investor can be naturalized a Mauritian citizen through investment if he has invested not less than $500,000 in Mauritius and he has resided in Mauritius for a continuous period of not less than 2 years preceding the date of his application.
The type of investment is not specified.

That said, in 5 years, the law may be amended.

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The investment should be made in qualified activities, under an official list normally available through the BOI.

This scheme is not fully active, from what I've observed. I'd be very interested to meet someone who has obtained his citizenship through this,

There are so many grey areas and I feel no one is pretty sure about how it works, not even the authorities (my humble opinion).

Barnard, I'm a consultant providing free advice ....and participating as much as I can in community based information

Hi Nadeem,

Thanks for the information. I'll try to get the official list from BOI. Sounds like a difficult process if there are so many uncertainties.

Thanks for your free community contributions. We appreciate it. :-)


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