Moving to Marrakech 😊


I am moving to Marrakech in 4 weeks and posting here in the hope of making some expat friends to show me the ropes.

Im Nuria from Scotland moving with my 7 year old Son Sami  :D

Would love to hear from anyone.


Welcome to marackech. You will definitely love it.

I already love it so much ☺️

Sami is a beautiful  name take care of him

:top: thank you

Pleasure to make your acquaintance, as I am also a relocated resident of the city I hope you find Marrakech a wonderful place. What made you decided to move here?

Nebraska Girl, its a place I keep visiting over and over for many reasons so I thought its best to just come live there.
How long have you been there??

hi i move from paris with my family and would love to make new friends . Was born in Manchester but when i married i settled in Paris but now moving to Marrakech this July 🌹

Sounds good.
Keep in touch and lets meet when you're here.
I arrived 10 days ago in Marrakech with my son.
Planning to make our new life here.
Do you have kids?

Nuria xx

You are welcome!

yes i hve four kids .. What origin are you ? and i will be there in july .. where are you stayn atm? which area i mean? yeah defo will meet up!

My parents are Pakistani and I was born in Glasgow.
I have absolutely no idea of the name of my area as I am staying with friends just now. Its not far from al mazar shopping centre.
Which area will u be stayin in?

yeah i wz born in Manchester ... yeah i know Where about ur area is I'll be staying at Argan golf villa .. Hve u found a school for ur son?

I'm home schooling 😎

I'll be doin that as well with CNED .

Hi Nuria, How did your move go ?

Have you started liking living in Morocco by now ?



Hi Nuria  :cheers:
I hope you are enjoying life in Marrakesh. If you should need any help don't  hesitate to drop me a message, as I'm also living in Marrakesh and have been a tour guide for several months in the city. So I'm here to help
Take care  :)

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