Dutch speaking people in Marrakech?!

Hi all , my name is Mouad,I'm Moroccan living and working in Marrakech ,having lived in both the Netherlands and Belgium for quite sometime, I can still speak Dutch in an OK way but can understand and read it almost perfectly (the easy part).

The thing is that i lost a lot of words and the sense of constructing sentences and conjugating verbs. And now at  my work an opportunity of a fluent Dutch speaking job has presented itself and that's why i actually joined this site in an attempt to meet fluent Dutch speaking people living in Marrakech willing to help me improve my Dutch ,in exchange of Arabic or french lessons or just answering questions about life in Morocco and it's culture ,

I don't mind the person being male female ,his/ her age ,or him/her being Dutch/Belgian or Moroccan or any other nationality for that matter  . anyone interested drop me a line please .

Thank in advance .

Hello Mnm11 and welcome to

You could drop an advert in our Language exchange In Marrakech section of the site to increase your chances to find dutch members who might be interested.

You can also search members by their nationalities from our Marrakech social network section of the site. (beware that copy pastes messages may get your account banned if you contact members by private message system)


Thanx, will do  :)

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