Hi everyone, New to the forum, Two mid forties husband and wife team setting the ground works on moving to Thailand in the next couple of years. We are both excited about the adventure ahead. Cheers

Hi Gardenbuddy,

Welcome to :)

Why did you choose Thailand as your new destination?
Have you ever been there before?

If you have some expat related questions, please feel free to ask, we will do our best to help you.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Priscilla, I vacation many years ago myself as well as worked oilfield (6 months) in and around the area. Again that was a few tears past also. We are ready to relax and enjoy the country and people that I remember.  We will be planning a vacation each year to different places to see where we would want to find a home. Right now we have slightly different wishes to where we would want to stay. Beach or Mountains, big city or small town. I'm leaning towards Mountains small town but close to an embassy for visa work. We want to be able garden, are you able to do this if you rent a home, I guess it would be up to the owner. Cheers for now

gardening has in market gardening i live in a small village on the thai cambodian border beutifull part of the world nearest town 15kl bankruat  burriram airs fresh no pollution   nearest border crossing 8 kl to cambodia good for renting house with land to garden i have an house built on 1600 m2 keeps me very busy nearest major towns surin and buriram you say you are looking for an adventure check it out on google earth i have lived here 14 years and a very happy 14 years vincent

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