Bahrain Cinema : Captain America Civil War!

Anyone who are keen to watch Captain America: Civil War in Bahrain on May 5?

Not putting my hopes high! Lol

Very short notice, or else would've considered  :/

It will be showing on May 5! Maybe next weekend is not a bad idea!  :)

i,ll be there

Cool! See you there then!

Without wishing to rain on your afternoon tea in the garden, it's a bit rubbish.
Watched it at Cinema 21 in Tangerang, but came away feeling I'd wasted cash and time.
It's too long, the story is a lot rubbish, it doesn't fit with the mindset of the previous films all that well, and the CGI is the best bit of the film anyway.
"Disappointing" would sum it up, but that's probably because I enjoyed the previous films so much.

Waaahhh... Really? Mmmmm... Seems my excitement has gone down a notch. Even so, i still need to see it myself. We all have different kind of taste, so i am hoping the opposite for keeping my hopes alive!
Thanks anyways! :)
Here in SA there is no cinema and going outside the kingdom is a like a short freedom! Plus there are other stuff to do in Bahrain like Kart racing, chill by the beach, :cool:

Mmm, for me,it was a nice movie.This movie is not a stereotype film about a hero and how   did he become one and howhe saves the world. In this film, it shows how important the unity is. As one of the captions of the movie says united we stand and divided we fall. It summarises the movie as a whole! Heroes are not perfect, they are imperfect ones who is trying to shape the world into a better place.

Yea it was a good movie. More like a Bollywood theme.

I watched it yesterday at Seef Mall.

Where did U watch it ?

hamudi :

Yea it was a good movie. More like a Bollywood theme.

I watched it yesterday at Seef Mall.

Where did U watch it ?

City Center!

What a refreshing mood after watching a movie! Lol

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