Introduction of myself

Hola ! together,

me llamo Oliver , i plan to go to Mexico by the next year.  I am 30 years old and from South Germany. I am interested in  the Mexican culture, i plan to go there for a long holiday... 

So i am looking for friends out of Mexico, for Communication and so on

Hi Oliver,
Which part of Mexico are you coming to? And for how long?
I'm a Mexican citizen. I visited South Germany last year and was amazing!
Do you speak Spanish?


i plan to visit San Luis Potosi, i wanna be there a intern on Supplier for Automotive industry.
Yes , we got some interessting places here :)

I speak very less spanish. But i continously try to learn.

From where are you ?

Hi friend,
I'm from the North of the country close to the USA border and San Luis Potosi is like 7 hrs by car from my hometown.
When are you coming in?

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