San Luis Potosi

I recently moved to Rioverde, SLP and would like to find other expats or english speaking locals in San Luis Potosi or Rioverde.

Hi Monty Floyd!

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You should view the Mexico network. It gives you more info about expats currently there.


thanks for the reply and the suggestion, however I did that already and did not find anything, hence my post... hoping maybe somebody knew someone here or there that is not registered on this site


we will be in SLP in late December.  It does not look like many expats live in SLP.
Luckily for me my novia has a large family there.  Perhaps we can get together.
My Mexican cell is 322-118-1895.  We will not be in Mexico until November 3rd.

Just out of curiosity, would you be willing to share why you moved from Rosarito BC. If it's a location issue that is. We have thought of looking there, so if there were issues about the area that made you decide to move, that information would be of interest to us.

Thanks :)

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I want to visit san luis potosi. I want to visit in about a week or 2 and possibly move there. My facebook is rachy davis weil. Email positive4life[at] any info on teaching english jobs would be appreciated

Hi Monty
I'm living in Slp for a few month now . Me too having problem find English speaking people.

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