Setting up a House in Kuwait

Hello All,

I have been here in Kuwait now for 3 months and I must say, this group has been really helpful in getting around and knowing things about Kuwait.

I am currently looking to set up my home here, have been staying on a sharing basis until now. I am looking for suggestions to buy furniture and electronics from. I know this is very subjective considering budget limitations and the quality of products one is looking for. So let me set that straight first -

Budget : Mid
Quality : Mid for Furniture ; High for electronics

It would be great if people could suggest where I should get my furniture from. While some suggest the friday market, others suggest to buy some things from Ikea and the rest from other local markets. I am looking for first hand furniture only.

Which outlets do you think has the best rates and services on electronics? There are so many outlets and you just cant figure out which one is giving the best price. Then again, would you suggest to buy a fridge or a washing machine from a friday market kind of place ?

Furniture - Al Rai area, or specifically Dajeej, its down the 55 (airport road) and you can get a great deal on items. also have a look at safat al ghanim if they're having a sale. In dajeej just walk around, go into the shops/ souqs etc and ask for prices. also have a look at Banta there.

for electronics, depends on what you're buying. as it is in an investment i suggest you look around and compare prices across the board - the big electronic houses are Xcite, Best, Electrozan and Eureka. ofcourse you can also check as they have good offers but installation is not offered.

Thanks a lot buddy! Will definitely check out these options.

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