Where can I get kefir milk grain in Kuwait?

Hi, I'm looking for kefir milk grain in Kuwait, I got the starter powder earlier from US but actually it's not working very well like the live one, so please let me know if anyone have it in Kuwait

I just moved to Kuwait a week ago and I have milk kefir grains.

I would like to know where i can get Kefir milk grains in kuwait. Thank you.


you can find many people sell on instagram as per below :

- @kefirhouse

- @kefir.feterhende

- @yog_art ( i recommend this one )

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Thanks modjoe101

Hi, I am looking for kefir grain. Can I buy some from you?

please contact** for milk kefir grains

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I would like to have some live kefir grains if you have some.
Please let me know if i can purchase some? Thanks..


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