Bringing in food (limits)

Hi guys!
Hope everyone is well.
Finally the day is almost here...I fly over on Saturday!!
I was wondering if anyone can help me with a little query. Basically I want to bring over some home comforts, such as:
Protein powder
Nandos sauce
Cheese (it's a special one that Kuwait won't sell)

Do you think these are fine to bring into Kuwait? Has anyone had anything seized upon entering!?
Many thanks!!

Hi Kayvictoria and Welcome to Kuwait.

All the foods you mentioned are allowed here.

funny, i did not see "birthday cookies" anywhere on that list :P

everything is fine, horlicks is found a plenty here, they even have the chocolate version and the other brand, ovaltine or something.

protein powder is NOT found in Kuwait :P so long as it is not packaged to look like cocaine, dont worry.

nandos sauce, tea bags, marmite and lentil - packaging for the last 2, if it store brought you have no issues.

as for the cheese; they generally wont sift thru to that extent, be sure to note if it has any pork products, as that would not be allowed in.

other than that, welcome to Kuwait in advance :D

Cheers guys!!
Yes Legacy....the shortbreads and cookies will of course be packed too!!
Didn't realize protein is not sold, I will stock up on this then.
Many thanks!

trust me, i went about all the supermarkets looking for powdered protein, couldnt even find soy powder! so yes, pack as much as u can without drawing suspicion, and like we said, if its store brought, they wont hassle u.

You can pretty much get everything here-- but if it's imported be prepared naturally to pay 2-3x more for it than back home. Lots of different types of lentils here ,as mentioned as well, the Horlicks and I've seen Marmite at the Sultan Center supermarket too.
Every time I get back to Kuwait, I do bring with me a  month supply of hard cheese from Europe -- expensive in Kuwait--
If you have the spare kg's for luggage, bring as much foodstuff that will make you feel at home in your initial trip. also for the ladies, make-up and facial products-- like lotions and toners are expensive here for imported brands-- so if you are into MAC, Boots No. 7, Vichy, etc..... double the price.

Kayvictoria :

Cheers guys!!
Yes Legacy....the shortbreads and cookies will of course be packed too!!
Didn't realize protein is not sold, I will stock up on this then.
Many thanks!

They sell porteins here.There are many shops in downtown.

about the protein powder, here's a thread in another expat forum:

Brilliant, thanks alot for your help guys, appreciated!
Hoping my perfume and lotions make it through customs ok because they have alcohol as an ingredient...surely they are allowed to use such products too...hmmm...

nice to find helpful mammals around ")

Moo, if it is available in Kuwait, please tell me which shops downtown stock it.

Shisha, here ur talking about ordering protein in via mail, as in supplements, as in bodybuilding, as in yes it will be heavily, heavily regulated.

i tried ordering fat burners once, i was charged the equivalent of the items price in customs and clearance.

however, if ur bringing it in on ur person, there is no problem there.

Lets stop trying to scare the lass shall we? :P

Before I came, I read that they didn't have tea in Kuwait. I must've been busy getting for the move to fall for that bull but I went and bought and extra large box of tea bags and packed it in ziplocs. Then I got here, and guess what? They have tea bags! Anywho, at least you are asking on the right forum!

MJD i think u got that wrong :P

tea in kuwait is a social thing, you go to a manager you drink tea, you visit a colleague they offer tea, tea tea tea tea all over the place!

i think what u read was the drink that is code worded "tea", u follow my drift? some people call other drinks "tea".


You have all been exceptionally helpful. I have packed alot of food!
I am now in the airport...can't believe this day has arrived!!
Feeling sick/nervous/excited...eek!!

EEK is a magazine in Kuwait for expats :P Spot On ;)

umm, dont be alarmed if u cant see kuwait when u hover over it, its a bit dusty out there right now.

by a bit, i mean a lot. theres no turning back now, mwahahaha!

Best wishes for safe travels KayVictoria!  When you get there give us a first impression update.

Safe journey KayVictoria. I hope you enjoy yourself when you get here and that the weather lets up so you can see what Kuwait looks like. :)

As for your message legacy, lmao. Oh, oops. :rolleyes::P

apparently she came to kuwait, took one look out hte window, refused to disembark and flew back home :S

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