Where to buy Rahash?

After a couple of years in Kuwait I have just stumbled upon something called Rahash.. which is a different form of the Arab/Turkish 'helwa'. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where actually buy this rahash locally?

You can omit a place called 'Nagwa' in Jabriya or the airport.. who will sell you 14 tiny blobs amounting to 120g for the totally rip off price of 2kd  - which will make it around 16.5KD for a full KG of the thing.


i will have to get back to you on that, i would think maybe Mubarakiya?

thanks buddy and much appreciated.. I will check down there next time I'm in the area.

Please do if you do find any let me know. I only give local stuff  when I visit back home  .. like dates.. nice dishes of basbousa and backlavas.. and they really appreciate them. Though Rahash is similar to Helwa.. it is certainly not the same and much finer.. or so I thought:)

As I said.. I only found it at a place called Nagwa ,near the McDonalds in Jabriya.. and at the Airport as soon as you go up to Departures on the left hand side - but they sell it at 2KD for a small box of 120g.. 6 KD for a bigger box of about 350g...  they pretend they are selling you gold just because it comes in a fancy box and frilly paper for every blob not much bigger than a marble :) ! But to each his own, and hoping i find it somewhere where the price reflects the actual product and where i can get good amounts of it without going bankrupt  :) :)

thanks again and keep me posted

My friend legacy's'll find plenty of mouthwatering rahash in Mubarikiya, where you'll get one kilo for only 2 - 3 KD. The best shop in Mubarikiya is Al-Shamali, they're one of the oldest shops in Kuwait ( try their 'Zalabia' )

If you're looking for something in fahaheel area, then you have Al-Watan shop ( they have home delivery 66770662 , 24842588) they are located in Al-Anood mall.

There are many shops in Kuwait that sells traditional Kuwaiti sweets, but these two shops are famous for being the oldest places that sell best quality in best prices.


M 88 thanks so much!
I will go down there this week and check them out in Mubarakiya - I hope i manage to find the place in that labyrinth : ) .. thanks for the info re the Fahaheel area as well. Will get back to ya if i get lost :)

Also the old Souk.

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