Advice please on Christmas in Budapest

Hello I'm Debby and I've joined your forum so I can hopefully get correct information from people who live in Budapest.

We are a group of friends who travel every year to the Christmas markets and last year we were in prague.

This year we are coming to budapest for 5 days (8th December we arrive )

I've read various sites and to be honest there is some conflicting information..

Are all shops closed on a Sunday ? Shopping centres etc as well ? Will the Christmas markets in the square be open?

Can we change euros and where is the best places to do this please ?

And are the outdoor baths open dailly?

Thank you in advance and any advice and help greatly appreciated 🤗

Debby x

All stores should be open around those dates. The sundays of Advent are exempt from the sunday opening ban, also, the government currently is backing down on this policy, hopefully by then there will be no ban at all.

Debvap :

Are all shops closed on a Sunday ?

As I already posted, the Sunday shopping ban had been rescinded.

Debvap :

Can we change euros and where is the best places to do this please ?

In a bank. Avoid street offers to change, as you will probably just end up with a roll of paper with some Hungarian Forint on the exterier.

But even simipler: Hungary is not on the Moon. Just go to any ATM an insert your debit/credit card and request whatever money you need each day. Better than carrying around a lot of cash.

Debvap :

And are the outdoor baths open dailly?

It is pretty cold in December. Suggest to use the indoor spas instead. Their open hours vary. Call ahead to confirm.

Side note, and FWIIW and IMHO:

Christmas markets are a Germanic tradition, not Hungarian. The Christmas markets in Budapest are very nice, but Hungary is a small country, and you will find that the same vendors there that you can find at most every other event in Hungary. And 80% of the time these same vendors sell the same things that you see at any other event in Hungary throughout the year. Personally, I would recommend just coming in the summer to some event, at the Balaton for example, when the weather is better, and buy they same products there.

Thank you 😊

Thank you for all the information 😊

My experience is the same as klsallee about the Christmas markets; however, if you have never been here, it will all be new to you,

There are ATMs everywhere. There is now a plethora of EuroBank ATMs carved into pub walls and freestanding on the street. I have yet to use them, because they are not associated with a bank, so I am concerned about the charges they deduct from an account. I would also be concerned about the exchange rates they offer and if there is a problem with the machine, where do you go for assistance, other than a phone number on the side. Stick with bank ATM machines only.

On another note, we have gone to Vienna a few times for their Christmas fairs and have been extremely disappointed. Most of the things on sale are available at Walmart or Target and for much cheaper prices.

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