How do you get membership of private beach resorts in North of Jeddah

There are lots of private beach resorts in North of jeddah but they ask for membership or reference of someone you know I moved here from London and would like to go there on the weekends

Dear whenever you go there, please bring me also with you :)

Some of them don't have membership fees, it's the entrance fees you have to pay and you get access to the beach.

Just talk to the security guy nicely in show them your passport as they will have some peace knowing you're a westerner.

it is easy you can do it , like silver sand beach there is fees intrance day 150 sr  or you can make membership around 5000 sr per year

does silver sand have "working hours" or ?

I usually get there around 10 and stay till 4. There are definitely people there before me and after me...

Pretty sure it opens at 8 or 9...checking with a friend who goes more often to see if they know the exact hours

sliver sand from 7 am to 7 pm

hi, frien how i can take a membership in silver sand, im living here since 6 months,, im from venezuela.. i apreciate your support,

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