New to Ankara

Hi everyone !
I'm a 32-year old French girl and I just moved to Ankara where I will be working for four months. I would be interested in meeting new people, maybe find someone to do some French - Turkish or English - Turkish exchange, or just have a beer together and discover nice places in this city.
Don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi Pascale
Please feel free to post an ad in Language Exchange section.

Good luck

Welcome to Ankara,
After being expat in libya for years I moved to Ankara, it's strange that I feel as expat in my home country but feeling was feeling in libya like my home country. :/

Hii Baskal.
wellcome to Ankara.

Hi Baskal,

Welcome to our lovely city and country. I will glad to meet with you and have a coffee.

Anytime after 6 pm is ok for me to meet. By the way, I will leave to Malaysia for couple of day. I mean we can meet today if you want. 



Hello Pascala
the people in Ankara are hospitable so you will pass the time entertaining.
if any question where can be found nice place please dont hesitate to contact me

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