Getting so bored in Ankara!!!

Hey Guys!! Actually I am a Turkish expat in Ankara. 2 weeks ago I had to move here cause I ve got a new post in a company. After leaving behind lovely Antalya, I feel much sad :((...New city, new job new environment but no new friends which is the most important! If to put Ankara in couple of words, it would be: Grey, unhappy, crowded and grotty which are so far from my personality. maybe I know wrong and it is funnier than it seems. I wanna hang out, meet people, dance, travel(only weekends), whatever joyful..Am I only one feeling so???

Hello SamHardRock, I moved to Ankara last week, if you feel like having a coffee or a beer count on me and send me a message!!

me too buddies

Ankara is really boring you will have a hard time to find something to do unless its shopping and drinking.

Let's meet up guys. mail me, and I will organize a meeting to know each other and to talk what we can do to revive again! hector_gentil[at]

I see that this post was posted more than a year ago but I share the sentiments. Is there still a get together going on? I'd like to take part please.

Dear Ozge,

Actually after one year, somethings changed about my sentiments. This city is still far away from my expectations but when you have like-minded, social and enjoyable friends, you can enjoy a lot any time any where!. I'm always in for a probable meeting and I guess I will post a new topic soon to arrange a meeting to welcome the coming of spring! If you or anyone have any suggestions, I stand by!

Yes, any suggestions bring it on please! You know I actually have an idea! It's April 23 on Wednesday which means it's children's festival, which means there has to be some kind a parade happening somewhere... why don't we just go see the parade? Or maybe meet at Anitkabir. It would be nice, no? Cultural experience or melancholy I don't know.. I just remember the old days when I was growing up in Ankara. For some reason, I enjoyed going to see tanks rolling, it just felt unreal..
Anyone who wants to be kids on the kids festival on April 23rd???

Dear Ozge,
As you see, it's hopeless Well :/ Actually I lost all my hopes from Arrivederci!

At least you're not an expat in Malatya! : )

What r u doing in Malatya?!


Living and working. The opportunity presented itself, so I jumped on board to complement my nomadic lifestyle. What about you in Ankara? How long have you been in Turkey?


I'm very late, but I finally made it to Ankara! Haha. Most of you are probably gone by now. I must confess.. I love Ankara! It's great here, although there is no sea. :(

Ankara ....

There was a joke abt ankara

The novel writer who born and grow in istanbul  once he went to ankara by train for an event then he came back to istanbul after completion the event .People asked him what was the best thing in ankara ?   returning to istanbul was a best part of it :)
Ankara people please dont get offended this was a true story once ..

move move move :)

I like Ankara :)

"To each their own!"

Hei! ;)

I really would like to move to Turkey. But is it hars to find a job there?

Greetings from Estonia!


You're off topic here, but anyways, finding a job is hard anywhere if you are not prepared for it. You may want to do a thorough online search in your respective field.

For all others, the thread is too old and inactive. You may want to exchange 'relevant' information on newer threads.

Good luck


Uludagoguzhan :




Zübeyda is just like a turkish girl name

it is. but i myself am not Turkish   :cool:

Yes I see you are Kenian.What do you do in Ankara?

i'm studying. i haven't started yet but i will soon
how about you what are you up to in ankara?

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