Squash partner who knows about squash courts in Jeddah

Dear friends,

I am a newbie in this forum and just signed up to try my chance of finding someone to play squash with. I ve arrived in Jeddah a month ago and so far enjoying my life here.

So basically if you play squash and know where the courts are pls drop me a line. I wouldn't call myself a professional player but I think (hope) I m better than average amateur :)

About me - male in my 30ies, from Azerbaijan, professional, lived/studied in the US.

hi i am beginner in squash playing in al bilad hotel

Hey, thanks for responding. If you would like to play lets set up a date and time. Do I have to get a membership at the hotel gym to gain access?

ok great let us to start my no is xxx

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Hello everybody,

@ Jedexplorer, here is the advert of Tennis Jeddah : … tners.html

i suggest you get in touch with him through his ad.

All the best

Hi there,

If you are still in Jeddah and interested in having a nice game let's meet up

I'm in Jeddah for around a week and willing to play anywhere around Jeddah (if u know places by now)

Send me a message with your number and I will call you to arrange

My level is (hopefully) intermediate


hello i am in jeddah and beginner squash**

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Fitness time has 2 courts per GYM. I would love to play early risers

The only way to get in is a membership.

hello there i am tennis player and beginner in squash at al bilad hotel if you interested

hello, I never played squash before, but i play some tennis (beginner). i would love to play squash, I am a fitness time member.

hi, i am a new member in fitness time, i never played squash and would like to learn

welcome to anyone interested squash tennis

Hello my friend

just sign up to the forum and am looking for someone to play squash with me,

am in jeddah and if you still here and still looking for someone to play with please let me know



hello Muhh , about squash and tennis  i am in al bilad hotel

bilad hotel... do they have women times?

tennis jeddah :

hello Muhh , about squash and tennis  i am in al bilad hotel

or any other places that have specifically women time

FOR WOMEN   sheiraton hotel

I am AHMED Mousa from egypt living in jeddah
Looking for squash partners
Mob no

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I am ready to play squash in jeddah

Where are you playing

I am ready to play in jeddah

Where we can meet to play
I used to play in saudi city with my Freind living thier

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