European friends in Abu Dhabi? :/

Hello Everyone! Ps, I am not a racist person, but i would prefer to meet new people only from Europe.
Best Regards, Anna.

I'm not a European, but I lived in UK and my nationality of British. Will it make sense?

Hey everybody , I'm French and I'll be staying for several weeks in Abu it would be nice to meet up..

Hello Anna! Where do you live?

No wories.

No worries, from the US (not European)...

No worries, from the whole world.

Hey im not far from wahda mall..but today im going back to paris..i met amazing people and I had fun..i felt in love with Abu Dhabi so now i'm going to start applying for job ..i'm a qualified teacher from london so i'm sure i'll find a lot of jobs..l'll be back in March so stay tuned loll..and wish me good luck ..

Best of luck :)

All the best and safe trip :)

Hi Anna

I'm from UK. I visit UAE often with the aim of moving to Abu Dhabi soon.

Feel free to contact me.

Hello Anna !
I will be on Abu Dhabi from next july. I am a french student in apprenticeship going there for an assignment. I will be pleased to exchange with you or/and meet you once there (I used to speak italian) :)
See you


why only european........
beleive me.. other ppl are equally beautiful and interesting........

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